The Ultimate Guide to Finding Out Your Exact Kilt Size!

You go through this online store or through our website looking at each of the male or female kilt models that you have available, you like several and you do not know which to choose, that if this is beautiful because of the tartan style it has, that it does have a very minimalist foliage print that will suit me wonderfully, if my cousin would love it… Everything is going wonderfully and we are just a few hours away from having it in our hands, finally

But the joy does not last long when you notice something: there are countless sizes and nomenclatures that you don’t know which to choose and you are left as you are at the beginning, with nothing. No problem! knows in advance that many users may encounter this problem and has decided to give the definitive solution

And even more when various stores confessed to us that some of their customers suffered in their own flesh this same thing that we tell you, that the kilt did not fit well on the waist, with the bad luck that they could not return it, putting together all the bad things and having to buy back your kilt as if you hadn’t done anything . A roll, why are we going to deny it …

With the help of a short, clear and to the point text, you will discover the guidelines to follow and learn small details so that your pre-purchase process for your kilt is more enjoyable, fun and easy to carry out . Dear customer, what is your next job? Wear the exact kilt fit! Let’s go there:

We have found size charts with different arrangements depending on the store where you will buy your kilt: yes on Amazon, yes on Etsy, or on eBay . In some we have found the nomenclatures of S, M, L, in others only the inches, in others the inches with the centimeters corresponding to those inches. We have found everything. This table is extracted from Amazon and based on this, you will understand all the others

Important nuance: this table applies to the adult sector. Later we will talk about the fit in children. That said, if you find the nomenclatures above and including the XS, you should know that the inches associated with said size are 30 ”-32”, which are between 76.2 cm and 81.3cm

Before proceeding, how many centimeters are each of the inch intervals depending on the letter size associated with it, we are going to show you the most effective way to measure the dimensions of your waist and, therefore, just the exact measurement you need in your kilt. For this you will need:

  • A tape measure
  • A rule
  • Two slippers

You ask, two sneakers? Well yes, although it seems strange, it is a way to quantify the exact dimensions of your waist, not as precise and instantaneous as the use of the tape measure, but to get out of the way it is enough. Good. Let’s go first with the first way to calculate the size of your kilt, the most “sloppy”:

You grab two house slippers and try to be in a spaced place, the most spaced in the house, like your terrace. While face down, you are going to grab one of the shoes and as you go to roll to the left or to the right, the first shoe you grab will have to be placed on the left or right side. If you are going to roll to the left, put a shoe on the right side

To know that it is at the same height as the navel , which will be our guide in both modes, turn on your back and leave the upper or lower part of the shoe limiting in a perpendicular line with the navel . Once you have it, roll over to the left (if it is on the right side) . Do it carefully so as not to exceed too much in centimeters

Bring the shoe back to the right side, moving it stealthily and as slowly as possible. Always have the second shoe on hand. During this process it is forbidden to get up . Thus, you will avoid calculating centimeters that do not correspond to the reality that this is your exact kilt measurement

Good. Now that right side, when you turn 360 degrees and place yourself on the left hand, and not on the right hand, which is the starting point, you are going to place the other shoe on the left side . Basically you do two turns: a first turn of 180º degrees as if you were measuring the front of the waist, and another turn of another 180º degrees as if you were measuring the back of the waist

Ideally, this shoe (the one that will go to the left side) should overflow at the same height as the other that you calculated beforehand. Thus, you do not have to go through the process again . Move it away a little but not too much, to avoid third parties to help you. Once you have this shoe located right on the left side coinciding perpendicular with the navel, either in its lower or upper part, you get up

You will only need a ruler, whatever size it is, to calculate the centimeters by hand, obtaining the desired measurement . We know that this process is not 100% effective, but if you do it slowly and take your time, you will take the actual measurements of your waist. Now we go with the modern mode, the traditional one, the one recommended by all stores:

While standing, grab a tape measure and placing it at cm ”0” right in the 0-shaped slit that you have in your body, that is, your navel, you are going to press the tape on said navel. Starting from here, you will turn 360 degrees without losing its perpendicular coincidence at any time, placing the other end of the tape, again, at the navel

Ideally, the first end from where you start with the tape is placed just to the left half of the navel (if you are going to start rolling on your left side), or right half of the navel (if you are going to start rolling on your side straight). And ready! So fast, easy and practical. Our recommendation is that you use this second method. It is the safest and the one that has worked best for users

In the event that the kilt that you like the most is found with a table like this one , we are going to put each of the inches in centimeters:

  • 30 inch kilt size: 76.2cm
  • 32 inch kilt size: 81.28cm
  • 34 inch kilt size: 86.36cm
  • 36 inch kilt size: 91.44cm
  • 38 inch kilt size: 96.52cm
  • 40 inch kilt size: 101.60cm
  • 42 inch kilt size: 106.68cm
  • 44 inches kilt size: 111.76cm
  • 46 inch kilt size: 116.84cm
  • 48 inch kilt size: 121.92cm
  • 50 inch kilt size: 127cm

PS: You can also find tables like this or this one . Now the question will arise, what if my measurement is not here? To give you a general idea, the kilt size XS corresponds to the range 30-32, size S to the range 33-34, size S / M to the range 35-36, size M to the range 37-38, such which as you see above. XXL, not included above, corresponds to the range 48-50. By themselves they only come in M ​​or L nomenclatures

Another question is whether my calculated waist measurement is 93.2cm, for example. It is located in the range 36-38. To know which interval is best for you to choose, it will depend on whether that value that you have calculated is closer to 91.44 or 96.52. In this case, 93.2cm is closer to 36 inches, therefore, it is best if you choose these inches and not the other , because you run the risk that the fit is somewhat large and the kilt does not support as you want on your waist

The best thing to do is always ask the seller before buying the model and let us verify if its measurements vary slightly . An example of this is the kilts exported from China, which vary a bit. If you find inches not named here, click here and you will calculate inches to centimeters in seconds

In the case of children, we have found tables on Amazon like this:

  • The 20-23 inch kilt size range for kids: 50.8cm-58.42cm
  • The 21-24 inch kilt size range for kids: 53.34cm-60.96cm
  • The range of 22-25 inches for kids kilt size: 55.88cm-63.5cm
  • The range of 23-26 inches for kids kilt size: 58.42cm-66.04cm
  • The range of 24-27 inches for kids kilt size: 60.96cm-68.58cm
  • The range of 25-28 inches for kids kilt size: 63.5cm-71.12cm
  • The 26-29 inch kilt size range for kids: 66.04cm-73.66cm
  • The range of 27-30 inches for kids kilt size: 68.58cm-76.2cm
  • The range of 28-31 inches for kids kilt size: 71.12cm-78.74cm
  • The range of 29-32 inches for kids kilt size: 73.66cm-81.28cm
  • The 30-33 inch kilt size range for kids: 76.2cm-83.82cm

Here is everything more detailed than in the adult section, and as you can see on the right hand side, each interval recommends which is the most convenient child age range to choose your exact kilt fit that that boy, girl or baby needs

If you have more questions about a particular model that you see that the table differs from what is commented here, contact us and we will solve your headaches in an instant . Spartan or Spartan, listen: Thank you for paying attention to the mission that we entrusted to you at the top of this page. You are a true or a true clan of the kilt 😊!